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Submitted by: Mike Ballou

The Sower, that heroic bronze statue atop the Nebraska State Capitol,was designed by Lee Lawrie, a noted American sculptor. The Sower is nineteen feet tall and stands on a twelve foot pedestal. The figure and pedestal weigh about 18,000 pounds.The Sower wears an Egyptian-style hood, and britches rolled above the knee. He carries a bag of seed. His bare feet stand on a pedestal comprised of a sheaf of wheat and shock of corn. The figure is symbolic of Nebraska's founding industry-- agriculture. His place on top of the capitol building reminds us that governments are founded to sow the seeds for better and nobler modes of life. The Sower faces northwest, toward the pioneer trails which brought farmers and settlers to the state. When the Sower was shipped to Lincoln and hoisted into position, thousands of citizens came to watch. Film clips of this engineering feat can be viewed at the State Museum of History in Lincoln. Question - How long has The Sower has been greeting visitors?

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