WHEN mother threw open the nursery door,
        There she found uncle down on the floor;
While up on his back sat Harry and Fred,
       And Nellie stood by and was stroking his head.

"This is my pony," cried Harry : "gee way;
       Get on, old Dobbin -- don't wait here all day."
And "Gee way," says Freddy, who thinks he must do
       Whatever his brother may do or say too.

And uncle good-humoredly keeps on his round,
       Creeping and crawling about on the ground;
And mother still hears, as she goes on her way,
       "Come, gee up, my pony -- don't wait here all day."

copyright © Dick Taylor, 1996 - 2007, Oldtime Nebraska    Gee Up, Pony -- submitted by C. C. Hopper -- July, 1998